This agreement outlines how the school, parents/carers and students will work in partnership to help meet the needs of each student.

Parents/Carers will

  • Encourage our child not to engage in discrimination, harassment and victimisation of others
  • Ensure that my/our child is organised for school – in correct uniform with all necessary equipment
  • Ensure my/our child attends on time and notify the school if he/she is late or absent
  • Support and encourage my/our child in his/her school work (including homework)
  • Sign the planner/organiser and check for messages
  • Encourage my/our child to have a positive attitude to learning
  • Let the school know if any situation is likely to affect my/our child’s learning
  • Make the most of all opportunities to meet with staff and encourage a dialogue between the school and home
  • Support the school rewards and behaviour for learning policy

Marriotts will

  • Expect all members of the School Community not to engage in discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Expect students to attend school in correct uniform and have the necessary equipment for lessons
  • Work with the parents and students to encourage regular attendance and excellent punctuality
  • Deliver the curriculum in terms of lessons and homework, ensure work is marked and provide support for all students in order that learning needs are met
  • Provide all students with a planner/organiser and encourage its effective use
  • Expect students to behave positively, respect each other and together create a safe learning environment for all
  • Take appropriate action in cases of student misconduct
  • Respond to parental concerns relating to the welfare of students
  • Support parents/carers and students through regular consultation evenings, reports and other forms of communication
  • Keep parents/carers informed of school events and activities

Students will

  • Not engage in behaviour that discriminates, harasses or victimises others
  • Wear the correct uniform at all times
  • Bring my books and equipment to school for lessons and activities
  • Attend school regularly and arrive on time for school and lessons
  • Record my homework in my planner/organiser and complete it to the best of my ability
  • Follow the student expectations when in class and around school
  • Do my best, have pride in my work and aim to achieve as highly as I can
  • Try to attend at least one extra curricular activity
  • Let a teacher know if I have any worries