Governor                                                                                  Faculty Area

Mr Ivor Miskelly                                                                      Sixth Form

Mrs Anne Lloyd                                                                       SEND/Gifted and Talented/CLA

Mrs Melany McQueen                                                           Pupil Premium/Catch Up/CP

Mrs Jackie Millins-Horne                                                     Health and Safety

Ms Bethany Honnor                                                              Co-ordination of Governing Body visits

Mr Ivor Miskelly                                                                     Equalities

Mr Karl Newstead                                                                  Anti-Bullying/Behaviour/Attendance/Governor Development Co-ordinator

Mrs Margaret Luchman                                                       Governor Development Co-ordinator

Mr Jim Brown                                                                         Science/Maths (Numeracy)

Mr Hugh Allcock-Green                                                        Stretch and Challenge

TBA                                                                                           Marketing