French-Flag-Wallpaper-640x360We welcomed 55 students and 5 teachers from our French partner school for their 10 th visit to Marriotts. They had to get up at 2.30am to leave Berck sur Mer and come through the Channel Tunnel. They were then stuck in roadworks on the M25. Welcome to England !

They arrived to our new School site in bright sunshine, where they were greeted by our International Leader students, along with Mr A Edwards, who helped them recover from the journey with some dance moves, and a brilliant literacy activity in which they had to make the word ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ from separate A4 sheets. Then Mr Bannister and the Sports Leaders played rounders and kwick cricket with them, followed by trampolining with Mr Drackford. They loved the Dance Studio and the Gym and Sports Centres, as they do not have any facilities like this in their school. Many of their PE lessons take place on the beach! They had a packed lunch, and watched our film ‘A Day in the Life of Marriotts School’ made by Scott Brown and Glenn Williams, then we sang the French national anthem ‘La Marseillaise’ and ‘God Save the Queen’. Their favourite song was ‘Gangnam Style’which got everyone dancing together.

We visited the international signpost in the courtyard next to the Learning Resource area, where the students could see that one arm points to their town, showing the distance between Stevenage and Berck sur Mer : 230km.

We toured the School site in three groups, and the French students loved our new facilities. They said:

Cécile : ‘Voilà les iMacs – mon père en a un ‘Look at those iMacs – my Dad has one’
Maxim: ‘C’est trop beau, cette vue !’ ‘This view is amazing’ (from the roof terrace)
Francine: ‘J’adore les chansons’ ‘I love these songs’ (sung by the Year 11 music students)
Tomas: ‘Voici notre ville !’ ‘There’s our town (about the signpost)

Tomas was able to visit us this year because we have lifts on our School site; this was not possible before, so he has waited two years for the chance to come to Stevenage.

The group left for a shopping trip to Stevenage town centre before their long journey home. They start their summer holiday next Friday 14 th June ! They are looking forward to our 11 th visit to their School in October 2013.