Hamburg 2016 1My time in Finkenwerder, Germany, this year was one of the most memorable experiences of my life – just like it was when I went last year. Both times were memorable because I had never done anything like it before my first exchange.

My first exchange in 2015 was the first time I had gone to another country without my family so I was quite scared and nervous but once I arrived and met the German exchange students and my German family I was fine because everyone was so kind. However, I was not worried at all the second time I went on the exchange because I knew I would be fine. I was not too confident speaking German in the first year but when I went for the second time I was more confident and spoke more German. In both exchanges everyone became a big family by the end, which was really nice.

When we were in Finkenwerder this year, we did lots of fun and interesting things. The best places we went to were the outdoor pool in Finkenwerder and a high ropes course in Hamburg. I went to a German wedding with my exchange partner and her mother on the weekend and I was worried because I was the only person there who was not fluent in German. In the end it was okay because everyone tried to talk to me and get me involved.

I loved Germany in 2015 and in 2016 so I hope I have the chance to go back one day, even if it is not on an exchange.

By Alisha Trodden

hamburg 2016 2

This year I went on the German Exchange trip for the 2nd time. I think the exchange is an amazing experience and I would definitely go again if I had the opportunity. Throughout the week I picked up many more German words and became a lot more confident in speaking the language. In Germany I tried many new foods some better than others but the family were very catering.
My favourite part of the exchange is going to German school, it is so interesting and a good experience to meet new people and build friendships so quickly. Upon arrival at the school I was so nervous and reluctant to talk with my exchange but have now made many new friends which made it extremely hard to say goodbye.

By Maddie Ryan