At Marriotts School we are continually seeking to improve the service we offer to our sixth form students, their parents and the community.

An important part of our development strategy is to the listen to the voices of our students. Students in Years 12 and 13 complete a questionnaire at the end of each half term and the results are then discussed and action plans are formed to improve sixth form life.

The most recent results, from an initial entry into 6th form questionnaire, completed recently highlighted the following:

  • 87% of students enjoy being in the sixth form.
  • 84% of students feel their subjects are challenging and demanding.
  • 83% of students feel their work is assessed helpfully and can see how to improve it.
  • 89% of students feel they are encouraged to study independently and research topics.
  • 89% of students feel worthwhile homework is set regularly.
  • 91% of students feel their courses suit their abilities and career plans.
  • 86% of students feel they are treated fairly and with respect.
  • 96% of students feel they get on well together and there is no bullying, harassment or racial tension.
  • 87% of students feel the sixth form is well run.

In addition students identified the following areas which they feel could be better and this will be addressed in the near future:

  • Outside my main courses, there is a range of enrichment courses and worthwhile activities.