At Marriotts School we are committed to continuous school improvement and to developing the best ways to raise standards for all our students.

Marriotts School has been invited to convert to sponsored Academy status. The Governing Body voted to identify the University of Hertfordshire and David Meller as potential sponsors. David Meller, CEO of the Meller Education Trust, is a sponsor of several successful schools in Hertfordshire including the Bushey Academy, last year’s most improved Hertfordshire school. Both the University and David Meller are committed to raising students aspirations and attainment and ensuring that their education gives them the best possible chance for future success.

Following full student, staff, community, and governor consultation Marriotts Governing body have voted to become a sponsored academy with the Meller Educational Trust (MET) and the University of Hertfordshire as joint sponsors. We will not convert this academic year and until conversion we are working in close partnership the MET and benefitting from all the expertise that they bring. 

We wish to assure all parents, carers, students, stakeholders, colleagues and friends that when we convert to academy status we will remain a fully inclusive school serving the needs of our community.

We will  retain and strengthen our links with all Stevenage primary schools and secondary schools. The employment rights of all members of staff will be protected under the 2006 TUPE regulations (Transfer of Undertakings, Protection of Employment), so salaries, pension rights and continuity of service benefits would be preserved.

What will change when we become an academy? We will have greater control over the services and support for young people that we purchase. We may decide to buy some of these services from the Local Authority, but we would certainly seek contracts that are more efficient and more effective. As an academy we will have more control over what we teach: we will no longer have to rigidly follow the National Curriculum and we coan ensure we offer the right courses for our students. We will benefit from the expertise of the Meller Education Trust and University of Hertfordshire to continue to drive up standards, teaching and attainment and offer a wide range of opportunities for our students. In short, as a sponsored academy within the community of local schools and academies we will have opportunities for innovation and development which are not currently available to us.

We welcome any comments you may wish to make in writing or by email. Please contact the Chair of Governors using the school address if you wish to write, or the email address

Marriotts School is working in conjunction with both Meller Educational Trust and the University of Hertfordshire regarding our move to Academy Status. We will keep you updated with news as we receive it, but in the meantime there is information below on Meller Educational Trust.

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36 questions were raised by 5 stakeholders, the Governing Body gave responses to each one.  To read the full transcript of questions and answers click below: