Marriotts School operates a Biometric and  Access / ID card system in the school.

fingerprint reader for biometrics


Marriotts School uses a Biometric student recognition system. Using a biometric system benefits the school and students; students do not have to remember to bring a card, queuing times are reduced at the catering area and there is a reduction in administration time and cost dealing with lost or forgotten cards/passwords/PINS.

A biometric measurement of your child’s fingerprint will allow your child to:

  • Access parts of the building
  • Print – there are 6 large printers [two on each floor] work sent to a printer can be collected at any time by using their fingerprint at any of the printers.
  • Paying for food – there are two points in school to load money onto biometric accounts or online, via WisePay. The till operator will advise the student when their account is running low. Students can also ask the till operator what their current balance is.Full details are in the policy which can be found on the school website. Students on Free School Meals will have their accounts topped up daily. They can pay in extra money if they wish.

access card pictureAccess / ID Cards
Marriotts School operates an Access / ID card system for students not registered to use the Biometric system. Students are expected to look after cards carefully and NOT lend it to anyone else.
Replacement of lost or damaged cards will be £5.00
If a student loses/damages his/her card then they should report this immediately to a member of staff at Student Services. Replacement cards cost £5.00. Any balance on the lost/damaged card can then be transferred to the new card. Cards can be topped up with money in the same way as biometric accounts.

If a free school meal student loses/damages his/her card then they are still entitled to the meal of the day but must inform the dining room staff who will ensure the student receives a meal for that day. They will, however, have to purchase a replacement card.