Progress and achievement depends upon good attendance. The school works rigorously to ensure that high levels of attendance are maintained and an excellent standard of punctuality is modelled by all of our students. We act swiftly to identify and address unauthorised absence or low attendance and will seek an immediate resolution to this issue.

ATTENDANCE DIAMOND (4)The monitoring of attendance is supported by our sophisticated tracking system which enables every student to have an understanding of their attendance on a weekly basis. Our attendance diamond, is a visual reminder to students of how important it is to keep their attendance and progress or as close to, 100%.

Every student should aim for 100% attendance and punctuality. Parents do have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school.A child’s potential can only be reached if high levels of attendance are maintained.

The attendance and punctuality of students is monitored daily by Form Tutors, Year Leaders, and the Attendance Team. We work closely with the Local Authority who support us if we need to issue a fixed penalty notice for students who are persistently absent from school. The Local Authority is also responsible for pursuing court action if poor attendance continues.
We encourage and reward excellent attendance and punctuality with achievement points which are awarded at the end of each term to students. These achievement points contribute towards whole school rewards, such as end of year trips and non-uniform days.

Absence from School
Any requests for leave of absence during term time should be in writing to the Headteacher. It will be the decision of the Headteacher as to whether the leave is authorised. However, as a matter of policy, Marriotts will not authorise leave of absence for holidays in term time. Depending on the length of the holiday, a Fixed Penalty Notice or even a fine could be imposed.

School starts at 8:30am. Any student who arrives after this time but before 9:30am will receive a late mark. Students who arrive to school after 9.30am will have an unauthorised attendance mark for the morning session, unless medical evidence can be provided. The school day ends at 3:00pm.

We encourage you to arrange routine dentist, opticians, doctors and orthodontist appointments out of school hours or during school holidays.

If your child is unwell or absent due to an urgent reason for non-attendance, please contact the school by 8.30am on each morning of absence on 01438 726999 (option 4 for Marriotts School, then option 1). When your child returns to school please provide any associated medical evidence, which should be handed in to reception or to Mrs Higham, the Attendance Officer.

If your child needs to leave school during the day, please write a note and inform their Form Tutor beforehand. Before your child leaves the school site they must obtain a signature from their Form Tutor or Year Leader confirming approval to leave school during the day. Students then need to sign out at reception as they leave school.
Absence and The Law
As a parent or carer you are committing an offence if you fail to ensure that your child attends regularly, even if they are missing time at school without your permission or knowledge.

If a students attendance drops below 95% or has had 5 or more days off in the current and previous term, a sequence of letters are issued as a prompt that attendance is dropping and needs to improve.

If a students attendance drops below 90%, they are then described as a ‘Persistent Absentee’. These students are reported to the Local Authority who will consider whether or not to take legal action against the parents or carers.

A Fixed Penalty Notice may be served if 15 sessions of unauthorised absence are reached over a two term period and no further written warning will be issued before a fine is applied for.

If a fine is applied for and imposed, £60 will be required to be paid within 21 days (escalating to £120 if paid after 21 days and within 28 days.

If the fine remains unpaid then court action may result.

If the students attendance does not significantly improve, then court action may result

Most students attend school regularly and punctually. Regular attendance to school will avoid any legal action being taken. ATTEND TO ATTAIN.

Medical Guidance for Parents