kasteln[1]In April this year Marriotts School hosted visitors from our Comenius partner schools. Please click here to find out more about the Comenius Project – Good Food Good Mood

Students from one school in particular, our Swiss partner, Schloss Kasteln sent back comment on their visit.

Feedback of our Swiss students about our trip to Stevenage:

I loved being in Stevenage. It was very interesting to visit Marriotts School. The flight with the London eye was very exciting and I loved the visit of the police station. I regretted not being able to stay longer in England with all those people.

The stay in England belonged to the best days of my life. There was such a lot of fun and I learnt so much about this country. The people are very interesting. I talked to so many people from different countries and there were really interesting conversation. I am still in contact with them via facebook.
The programme was simply perfect. When we had to say good bye I wished that this week would never end. I met so many nice people and I think it is a very important experience for me. I will never forget this amazing week.

I loved the trip because we visited London which is a huge city and because we made unforgettable visits. But I needed a lot of patience to visit all these places, sometimes it was a little bit boring.
I would love moving to Stevenage and go to Marriotts School. It was very special that we had the possibility to visit this school. The visit of the police station and the prison was very interesting too. I was impressed by the guns and other equipment of the police.

The presentations were incredible for me. I didn’t know that the others speak very well English. Even those who weren’t really fluent did their best. When it was my turn, I was really nervous but I presented my topic nevertheless.
In the afternoon when we went to this “luxury school” I was amazed by the concert, the size of the school, the halls and at the end by the buffet. After that I got a little bit nervous because there were so many people around and they asked me things I didn’t always understand.
London was something people are envy of. I loved especially the flight with the London eye and the party in the evening was nice too.
I loved the visit of the police station and all the special equipments they showed us. Knebworth park wasn’t very interesting for me but the party in the evening was the best thing of our journey. It was a pity that it had to end and that the show of Elvis was over.
We had the opportunity to get in contact with other people when we had some time off. What a pity that time flew by.
There was an unforgettable time…I miss you all!!