We are delighted that Marriotts and Lonsdale have chosen to partner with Cucina to provide your school restaurant service.

Please take a look at our website: http://www.cucina.co.uk

Who are We?

Unlike most caterer’s, Cucina take a hands on approach to ensure there is something on the menu for everyone.

As educators we all want students to eat better, and yet dining choices are very rarely influenced by overt health messages, or tables groaning with crunchy vegetables. Our Executive Chefs not only run a three week menu cycle (see menus below) to ensure no day is ever the same, but also run cooking classes, foodie groups where students can have their say and various competition throughout the year to engage and interest students, staff … and even parents!

Cucina is jam packed with real foodies. Our belief is to bring restaurant-quality food into education. We don’t operate canteens, food halls or cafeterias; our outlets are all proper restaurants, with everything implied by that. Each of our sites has its own trained chef and all Cucina meals are cooked from ‘scratch’ starting with fresh ingredients … many of which are locally sourced.