If we experience disruption that prevents the school from opening, e.g. snow and bad weather, we will communicate using the following methods:

Text message and e-mail

If the primary number we have is a mobile we will text information otherwise we will send an e-mail. Please ensure your contact details are up to date by informing us of any changes.


We recommend you register with Everbridge for Hertfordshire. We log any school closure or disruption information with Everbridge. As a user you can request to receive notification of any disruption to a range of public and private businesses across Herts e.g. Hospitals and all schools.



This will be updated with current information about any disruption to the school site or school closure.

Social media

We will use the school Facebook page to share information

Local radio

We will communicate with local radio who will broadcast in line with their policies any school closures or emergency information.

We take the decision to close the school very seriously, we have to balance the risks and the harm involved against the loss of school time or inconvenience. Decisions sometimes come at very short notice, as new information comes to us, therefore we try to communicate in as many ways as possible that the school is closed.