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Summer 2018 Timetable

GCE Thursday, 16 August 2018 8.30am-12noon
GCSE Thursday, 23 August 2018 9.00am-12noon

If a student is unable to collect their own results, the Examinations Office requires notification in writing before results day if they wish for them to be collected by someone else. Phone calls or texts on the day will not be accepted as permission.


GCSE Summer  Exams 2017

This year there have been many changes in how students in Year 11 are assessed in their GCSE examinations. For English and Maths, grades have moved from A-G to 9-1. Examinations have become more rigorous and controlled assessment is no longer part of the English exam.

This summer is the first time students sat the new English and Mathematics GCSE. Throughout the year schools across the country have struggled to predict and assess what students will achieve as no grade boundaries were in place. The new system has led to confusion for students, parents and schools alike.

With these national changes, year on year comparisons of attainment are not appropriate and headline progress measures will be unavailable until the official performance tables are released. As Headteachers in Stevenage, we continue to work hard in our own schools and together as a family of schools, to raise achievement and improve the life chances of every single student in our care. This year we want to celebrate the individual success of each and every student.

Headteacher, Beth Honnor stated, “I am so proud yet again of Marriotts’ students for their strong performance at GCSE.  They, like students across the country, have faced real challenges this year in light of National changes. However, they demonstrated a fantastic work ethic and commitment and this has paid off in great progress.  As always they have ‘Aimed High and Worked Hard’. It was wonderful to see so many students overcome with emotion and happiness on opening their envelopes today. This is why we all do the job that we do.”

Sultan achieved grade 8’s in English Language and Mathematics (equivalent to A*), she continued this outstanding achievement with further A* grades in Physics, Chemistry, Art and Design and Turkish. Overall obtaining the equivalent of 6A*, 2A and one B at GCSE, with one Distinction* and one Merit at BTEC, this is a fantastic achievement and testament to her hard work and commitment. Sultan commented “I’m really ecstatic with my results and how they turned out better than I expected.”

Tyler pushed the boundaries in English Literature achieving the subjects first ever top grade on the new scale achieving a grade 9 equivalent to an A**. He said, “Marriotts School has always nurtured and challenged me, I am so grateful to my teachers for giving me their time and support, it has really made a difference.” Miss Rees, Assistant Head said, “I am so thrilled and proud, he has also achieved a C in AS Creative Writing, a tremendous achievement.”

Charlie with his GCSE grade 8 in English Literature and GCSE grade 7 in Mathematics

(Overall GCSE: 2A*, 3A, 2B, 1C, BTEC: 1 Distinction), Charlie said, “All the Intervention and extra help paid off, at times it was hard to stay motivated but having the support from teachers has helped me massively, thank you Marriotts School.”

Maddie achieved straight Distinction* grade her 3 BTEC subjects; Health and Social Care, Dance and Sport, this absolutely fantastic achievement was coupled with GCSE grade 5 in English Language and Mathematics, Grade 4 in English Literature with a further 2B’s and a C in Sciences and German.

Karolina achieved an A* grade in Art, this multitalented artist has put in hundreds of hours of extra practice and revision. Karolina was also pleased to achieve a grade 5 in Mathematics and a 4 in English Literature which will allow her to pursue her passion at sixth form. Karolina said, “I am so pleased that my time and effort made a difference.”

Marshall with 2 Grade C’s in science, grade 5 in English Literature and 4 in Mathematics has made fantastic progress, Marshall said, “I know my work across the whole year helped make this progress, working at home, getting support from my family and the school has helped me improve.”

Oliver, who achieved Grade 4 in English Language, Literature and Mathematics also clutching his grade B in GCSE History, Oliver said “I am so pleased with the support I got from the school, I sometimes have my moments, but my teachers had faith in me and helped me to succeed.”

GCSE Exam Results 2017

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