Edexcel Level 3 Extended Project

The Edexcel level 3 Extended project allows learners to study a topic area which extends their learning in their area of study, either as a standalone qualification or as part of a 14-19 Diploma.

Students should select a project topic which expands their learning in their field of study, in a related area, or that is relevant to their own personal interests.

Each of the four units offers a different type of project: a dissertation, an investigation/field study, a performance or an artefact. Learners will be assessed on their ability to plan, manage, complete and review their project.

This qualification will enable learners to:

  • Have significant input to the choice and design of their project and take responsibility for an individual task or a defined task within a group project.
  • Develop and improve their own learning and performance as critical, reflective and independent learners.
  • Develop and apply decision making and, where appropriate, problem solving skills.
  • Extend their planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills.
  • Where appropriate, develop as e-confident learners and apply relevant technologies in their studies.
  • Develop and apply skills, creatively demonstrating initiative and enterprise.
  • use their learning experiences to support their personal aspirations for further education and/or career development.

All universities recognise this qualification due to it’s high level requirements and outcomes. Top universities, including Oxford and  Cambridge, recommend that students participate in this qualification as a part of their Level 3 study to prepare them for the rigours of university study.