In Key Stage 3 students will learn about Healthy Eating, Food Hygiene and Safety. Take part in scientific experiments, they will gain practical skills and knowledge to enable them to cook a variety of savoury and sweet dishes.

These dishes will develop their cooking skills and include pizza making their own dough, Indian and Chinese dishes and making fresh pasta and then produce a dish using the pasta. Design new dishes that can be sold as Street food. Students will be taught a range of research and design skills and be taught how to use a variety of specialist equipment. Food preparation and nutrition is now integrated into five core topics:

  • Food, nutrition and health
  • Food science
  • Food safety
  • Food choice
  • Food provenance. This is developed further in KS4.

Subject Aim:

  • To engage students in a rewarding practical subject that is concerned with all aspects of how we live and is linked to our intellectual, emotional and physical needs.
  • To offer opportunities which are fun, practical, challenging and rewarding.
  • To develop a range of designing and making skills which are readily transferrable to higher level study, to understand the functions of ingredients and the science behind cooking methods.

Celebrating Success:

  • Fantastic range of opportunities to work with new ingredients and equipment.
  • Brand new suite of fully equipped specialist rooms.
  • Opportunity to enter inter-house and  local cooking competitions.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips

Cadburys World

Ideal Home Show

Trips to the USA

Camden Street food visit