german_flag[Our Germany Exchange is in its second year and we have just come back from visiting our German partner school, the “Gymnasium Finkenwerder”  in Hamburg.

13 students from year 9 went. Every student was given an exchange partner, whose family became his/her guest family for the time of our stay. As last year, we were met with fantastic hospitality from the school as well as the guest families.

We were greeted with a welcoming party, where the students had a chance to have a chat and some food from a buffet the German parents had prepared for us. Our students started talking to their German partners straight away and before the end of the evening they already felt a lot more at ease.

Over the course of the following week, our students spent some time in school with their German partners, experiencing the daily routine of a German school. But it was not all about school – altogether, we went climbing and swimming and visited a lovely medieval town nearby.

The experiences our students made on this trip are manifold. Not only did they learn about German school and try out their German, they also made friends and socialised with people from a different country, lived in their houses and got an impression of what life is like in other places. They overcame their apprehension and decided to come along. They have learned that it can be very rewarding to take risks. They have acquired new life skills.

One A-level student and two year 10 students came with us for work experience in Germany. We are very proud to be able to give a small group of linguists the chance to experience work in Germany. Our students did a great job of teaching small groups of German student’s English conversation. They all enjoyed the experience a lot and will be given a certificate, stating that they have experienced work abroad.

In September, the German students are coming to visit us in Stevenage. This is the first time we can show our German guests our new school, and we will do our best to offer them the same hospitality we enjoyed.