We are now in the 4th year of our successful exchange programme with our partner school in Hamburg, Germany, which is organised by Miss Radenhausen, joint second in the Faculty of World Studies and responsible for German at Marriotts.

Students in year 9 who have chosen to carry on with German are offered a place on the trip. Every student is given an exchange partner, whose family became his/her guest family for the time of our stay. In Germany, we are always met with fantastic hospitality from the school as well as the guest families.

A welcoming party is held for us when we arrive at the school, so students and parents can get to know each other and ask any questions of the teachers involved.

Over the course of the following week, we do a lot of excursions together and the English students spend some time in school with their German partners, experiencing the daily routine of a German school.

Our partner school is south of the river Elbe in Finkenwerder, a village, which is part of greater Hamburg. To get into the centre of Hamburg, we have to take a ferry instead of a bus. That way we get to see the spectacular harbour of Hamburg and the old warehouse district with its interesting architecture and history.

Sporting activities are always part of the programme. We do ball games in school, visit a swimming pool, go climbing or organize cycle rides in the country side. Additionally, there is always time planned in for some shopping in interesting places in or around Hamburg.


Work experience abroad

Every year we take a few GCSE and A-Level students who would like to complete their work experience in Germany. We are very proud to be able to give a small group of linguists the chance to experience work in Germany. They teach small groups of German students English conversation to learn the job of a language assistant, or they can choose from an array of other placements if they wish. They receive a certificate of “work experience abroad” when they finish their placement.

In September, the German students come for their return visit in Stevenage, and we do our best to offer them the same hospitality we enjoy.