Website Headteacher’s update – September 2014

Welcome back!

I hope you had a fantastic summer holiday and that you are looking forward to great things over the coming year. Just in case you missed the news over the holidays I am pleased to report that we had great success with our GCSE and A Level examination results. You can read more about this in the press releases on this website. We are so proud of our students and staff who achieved their successes because they aimed high and worked hard.

We are delighted that we won the Central England Pixl Award for progress at GCSE in recognition of the huge strides forwards our Year elevens made. I know that this year students will continue to be ever more successful both in their examination results, the progress they make in class and in their school life. See press release on website.

Last year was an incredible one for all members of Marriotts School and we made great progress towards achieving our school vision. Behaviour for learning and attendance improved significantly thanks to the strong systems and routines that we put in place in discussion with students, parents and staff.

Teaching and learning improved dramatically with over 85% of lessons being judged as good or outstanding, thanks to improved monitoring, training and coaching, consistent systems and the efforts of students and staff.

New raising attainment systems and our new curriculum mean that students learn well in lessons and that their progress is rigorously tracked so that we can intervene if they need any support. Our reputation in the local community continues to improve and we are thrilled to have more than double the number of students in our sixth form this year and c240 Year 7 students compared to 100 last year.

The start of term this year has been brilliant, students have come back with a really positive attitude. Their behaviour for learning has been impressive, they are well equipped and they are wearing their uniform smartly. Thank you to students and parents for their efforts.

I would like to particularly praise our new Year 7s who have been impeccable in their efforts to Aim high. Work hard. Be kind.  I have also been incredibly impressed by the new Year 12 students, who are the smartest and most mature Year 12s that I have seen for a long time.

There is a great ethos around the school and we are united in our mission to Aim high, work hard, be kind.

I am thrilled to be Headteacher here and know that all the success we achieve is down to the hard work of every member of our school community.

We will continue to strive to do everything we can to be the best school we can possibly be for our students.

Congratulations to everyone: let’s have a fantastic year!

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Beth Honnor