Home Cooking Skills competition 2016

We are very pleased to offer an exciting opportunity for students to take part in our Home Cooking Skills competition for 2016.

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Students can win a meal for up to four people at their closest Jamie’s Italian restaurant with £40 per person to spend, a signed book, and a Tefal bundle of cooking equipment, with the school or college receiving £100 worth of books from Pearson.

Runners-up will receive a three piece essential cooking equipment pack, with the school or college receiving £50 worth of books from Pearson.

This year we have two categories for winners and runners-up:

  • individual entries
  • group entries (maximum of 3 people)Who is eligible?Entrants can work individually, or in groups of up to 3 people.Students need to design, plan and cook a meal for a specific scenario from one of four options:
  • What students need to do
  • Students aged 14-19 years that are studying at a school or college in the UK are invited to enter the competition. They don’t need to be studying for the Pearson BTEC in Home Cooking Skills course or be an expert chef, but if they are under 18 they will need consent from their parent/carer – we want everyone to have a go.
  • Jamie Oliver will be judging the competition personally.
  1. You are catering for a dinner party for friends and/or family to traditional dishes from a cuisine of your choice.
  2. You are running a food stall at a school fete.
  3. You have taken over the running of the school canteen, and will be serving lunch to the whole school.
  4. You are catering for a group with special dietary needs. Prepare a meal that is gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan, dairy-free or low in sugar.

The meal should include:

  • at least two dishes or courses
  • details of a drink to accompany the food.For example, they could show how they’ve:
  • Students should think about the specific requirements of the scenario, and show explicitly in the meal design how they have catered for these requirements.
  • catered for the specific dietary requirements of the type of people that would be attending
  • sourced locally grown food
  • taken risks or issues with the venue into account when planning the menu.Let’s get excited about food!
  • This year we’d like to see learners across the UK really embrace the ethos of healthy, nutritional ingredients, with inspiration for their dishes from around the world.