Homework is set regularly for all year groups to encourage the development of independent study skills and to reinforce and extend the content taught in lessons.

Research has shown that regular review of topics learned in the past increases retention of the information.

Using their knowledge organisers will help students to learn a wide range of content and become more independent when doing this. This will help them to feel more confident when they have an exam and support them in better exam preparation as they have practiced independent study skills. It is important that students appreciate that learning and revising are active processes which need them to engage with their knowledge organisers, reading it through is not enough.

The Marriotts Steps to Success:

  1. Understand the content taught in a lesson and how it links to the learning journey.
  2. Condense and simplify the information (E.g. creating mind maps, flash cards, Q&A cards, time lines, a mnemonic).
  3. Memorise the information (E.g. layer the information by learning the simplest facts first and then gradually adding more detail layer by layer).
  4. Test your recall of the information (E.g. read a small section, coverit up, and then write down as much as you can remember. Check to see how much you got right and repeat the process. Use your question and answer flashcards (a question on one side, and an answer on the other, or key terminology on one side, and definitions on the other) to test yourself several times a week. If you get the card wrong use a technique like read cover write to relearn the information and then test yourself again.
  5. Regularly review what you have learned and relearn anything that you have forgotten.

Homework is set using Show my homework which can be accessed by both parents and students. Students and parents receive an online login code and then can access all home learning tasks set by staff.  This site  can be accessed by clicking on the link below:


Homework support is offered at homework club run in learning support between 3 and 4pm each day. Workshops for parents and students are offered in the Autumn term to support parents in supporting their students with their homework (a PowerPoint from one of our workshops is below).

A copy of our most recent knowledge organisers are below.