Key Stage 5 achievement

multi picGCSE Examination Results 2015 – The rapid improvements continue at Marriotts School

Today students and staff at Marriotts are celebrating more great exam results that they can be proud of.

Our Year 11 students have really put in the hours this year, making the most of lesson time and attending numerous after school, weekend and holiday classes. They have ‘aimed high and worked hard’ and their efforts have really paid off.

Headline figures are up again and results across subject areas continue their upward trend.
In English for the second year running we have record results with 76% of students making “expected progress” 42% making “better than expected progress” and 69% attaining a grade A-C (a 5% increase on last year). This puts us above national averages for both attainment (national 61%) and “better than expected progress” (national 30%) – for the second year running.

Most subjects have increased their percentage A*-C by at least 10% with some moving up by 30% and more, for example in GCSE History and German.

In GCSE and equivalent qualifications 13.4% of all grades were A*-A or equivalent and 67.5% were A*-C or equivalent. At 28% the number of students in all subjects making “better than expected progress” at Marriotts is expected to be in line with national averages when they are released.

Headteacher Bethany Honnor stated.

“We are thrilled yet again with our continued improvements. We believe in our students and staff and know that the significantly better teaching that our students now receive is reaping the rewards they deserve. I am proud of them all and excited about leading our school on its continued journey to be outstanding. I am confident that we will continue to move forward on delivering our vision for Every single student to reach and exceed their potential and leave us with the qualifications, skills and attitudes that they need to move on to the next stage of their lives .”

All of our students deserve our praise and some have achieved phenomenal success:
Junior Kotomah: 5 GCSE A*s, 1 GCSE A, 3 GCSE Bs, and a BTEC Distinction* and Merit.
Freya Matthews: 2 GCSE A*s, 6 GCSE As, 1 GCSE B, and a BTEC Distinction* and Distinction.
Shobha Begum: 2 GCSE A*s, 5 GCSE As, 2 GCSE Bs, and a BTEC Distinction* and Distinction.
Mollie Mincher: 2 GCSE A*, 4 GCSE As, 1 GCSE B, and 2 BTEC Distinction*.
Katie Moore: 1 GCSE A*, 7 GCSE As, 1 GCSE B, and a BTEC Distinction* and Distinction.

Raising standards Leader and Deputy Head Craig Morgan stated,

“Year 11 have impressed me every day with their dedication and they should be delighted with what they have achieved.”

The 2014-15 Year 11 cohort who were significantly weaker than the national average, continued the schools upward trend in their summer examinations. Marriotts School improved to 44% 5 A*-C including English and Maths, based on the Family Fischer Trust estimates this will place the school in the top 25% of schools in the country taking into account the school context. 77% of students made expected progress in English Language which is expected to be higher than the national average, and 38% in Mathematics. 26% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate.

Congratulations to all Marriotts students, we knew you could do it!

SB_MM 1KM 1Junior_Kotomah[1]Freya_Matthews[1]