Saluting Battery

We form Her Majesty The Queen’s ceremonial Saluting Battery and are stationed at Woolwich, London. Known as ‘The Troop’ we are a mounted unit and all of our soldiers are superb equestrians trained to drive a team of six horses that pull the First World War ‘thirteen pounder’ state saluting guns.

Royal Salutes

We are an integral part of the Household Troops. Our duties include the firing of Royal Salutes in Hyde Park on both Royal Anniversaries and State Occasions, and providing a gun carriage and team of black horses for State and Military funerals. The Troop perform the duties of the Queen’s Life Guard at Horse Guards for one month each year. Woolwich is home to 111 horses. King’s Troop men and women are trained as fighting soldiers. We have six men or women deployed in Afghanistan at any one time. Lewis left school in 2007.