“Everything you want from a sixth form plus that little bit extra”

marriotts extra logoWhat is Marriotts Extra?

A bespoke programme which has been designed to prepare students for life in modern Britain developing specifically a range of life skills and the kind of ‘cultural capital’ that enables learners to be more effective – as students, as citizens and as future or current employees.

Aims and Objectives:

To enrich the educational experience of sixth form students through a multi-faceted programme of curricular and extra-curricular activities that contribute to the Planned Learning Hours.

Marriotts Extra will be completed as a part of funded studies and utilise the apparent ‘spare’ time that a number of students have within their 25 hour required attendance commitment. (540 GLH)

Students receive information, advice and guidance (IAG) work relating to Careers Education and access to Apprenticeships and Higher Education, notably the UCAS process;

  • A visiting speaker programme;
  • Weekly assemblies;
  • A set of Life Skills modules focused on personal effectiveness, engaged citizenship and employability skills;
  • A set of external placements, with local employers, charities, community groups and primary or special schools;
  • A series of sixth form projects based around charitable endeavor, social and business enterprise programmes and event organization;
  • Peer-to-peer coaching that enables students to learn from each other in fields such as languages, dance and sport;
  • A set of sports and fitness based opportunities that would make use of Marriotts outstanding sports facilities while enabling students to gain coaching experience (and possibly qualifications) across a range of sports, to secure sports leadership qualifications. 

At the heart of this core programme will be the activities that take place on Wednesday afternoons.

  • Two back-to-back inputs during the Autumn and Spring Terms (a Marriotts Plus External Placements programme and a Marriotts Plus Life Skills programme).
  • A common study skills and UCAS process focused Marriotts Plus Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) programme during the summer term, supporting the immediate pre and post examination periods.

Additional tasks should be completed during designated study periods as part of the planned Learning hours.