As Westminster comes back from its summer recess, those returning will be looking forward to the latest release of The Parliamentary Review. Chaired by both Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett, The Review has for years provided a unique insight as it bridges the gap between the country and its policymakers. With a foreword from the prime minister and an introductory piece from the BBC’s Andrew Neil, this year’s Parliamentary Review will be one of the most informative yet.

Marriotts School in Stevenage is delighted to have been invited to contribute to the 2017/18 publication of the Parliamentary Review. Headteacher at Marriotts, Ms Bethany Honnor says “Marriotts’ journey over the last 5 years since moving into our new building has been a significant achievement and testament to the hard work and commitment of the whole school community. It’s amazing that our journey has been recognised and we have been given the opportunity to share, in this prestigious publication, how we have achieved our successes.”

This year’s Review aptly displays the collaborative approach that is necessary if the education sector is to continue to flourish. With a diverse range of secondary schools included in the 2017/18 edition, it offers pertinent insight into the issues that head teachers and educational bodies face.

Craig Wilmann, the director of The Parliamentary Review has made it clear that this year’s Review is one of the most comprehensive and penetrating yet: “Following one of the most unpredictable and challenging years in British politics The Review, now more than ever, is essential reading for both politicians and organisations up and down the country.”

Writing in The Review, the prime minister says that “British politics provides ample material for analysis in the pages of The Parliamentary Review.”

Marriotts School’s article can be viewed here: