Marriotts School is a growing and rapidly improving school with a reputation for forward thinking and curriculum innovation. A substantial new building has created a modern environment and the school is in an exciting stage of development as it expands and grows. The appointment of additional staff over the next few years to accommodate this growth is key to our future success.

Our staff are hardworking, committed and very supportive of each other. There is a good mix of new and long serving staff with excellent working relationships between staff at all levels.

Our students have so much to offer and deserve the best possible education to help them achieve their full potential and to develop the skills they need to lead good and successful lives.

At Marriotts we believe that if we all work together we will be able to give our students not only a great education with the best exam results, but also fantastic opportunities and a wonderful experience of school life.

Marriotts School is a vibrant, happy learning community, which is committed to raising achievement through continuous improvement. We strive for excellence in all we do.

Wildly Important Goals: Our School Aims

W.I.G. 1 : To ensure that 100% of students achieve their personal best.
Every student needs to make progress according to their starting points, their individual ability and their particular strengths. It is our job as a school to challenge and support students to be the best that they can be, to track their progress carefully and to intervene when it is not good enough.

Everyone’s achievement matters.

To achieve our W.I.G. we:

  • Expect high attainment and aspiration from all students.
  • Recognise, encourage and develop everyone’s skills, attributes gifts and talents.
  • Offer a learning experience that is engaging, relevant and personal, where every lesson every day should be good or better so that all students makes good progress.
  • Closely track students’ achievement against ambitious targets and regularly share this information with students and parents so that every student knows where they are and where they are going in their learning.
  • Offer support and intervention quickly if a student is falling behind.
  • Closely analyse student performance data so that we can quickly adjust our plans to increase students’ progress.
  • Give every learner the wide range of opportunities that they need to excel in all areas of school life: academic, physical, sporting, artistic and creative.
  • Encourage innovation, enterprise and personal change and lead learners to become independent, responsible adults who are respected by our local community, our wider town and county and who are proud of their role as active citizens.
  • Develop happy, healthy, energetic, confident, well rounded adults who are equipped with the full range of skills, qualities and qualifications they need to progress onto the next stage of their lives.

W.I.G. 2 : Every lesson, every day, good or better.
In order for students to make good progress and achieve well, they need good teaching every lesson, every day. At Marriotts we work closely with all of our teachers, tracking their performance, sharing good practice and providing the training needed to ensure teaching is always good.

To achieve our W.I.G. we:

  • Design and deliver an innovative curriculum that is flexible in order to meet students’ needs, stretch them and allow them to show what they can do.
  • Have very clear and consistent guidelines for lessons so that all staff can teach lessons that meet our high expectations.
  • Are 100% committed to training our teachers.
  • Closely track the quality of lessons and marking to ensure it is of the highest possible standard.
  • Have very clear expectations of behaviour for learning so that teachers can teach and learners can learn.
  • Give students opportunities to learn outside the classroom, encourage them to develop.
  • Leadership skills and contribute beyond the school.

W.I.G. 3 : High quality professional development for all staff.
It all starts with a good teacher. We work hard to attract the best possible teachers and to ensure that they and all members of our staff teams receive the training that they need to excel in their roles.

To achieve our W.I.G. we:

  • Recognise that high quality training is essential so that all our staff understand our vision, and know how to achieve it.
  • Our staff are committed to constantly improving their practice and we ensure that they are trained so that they remain aware of national changes in education and develop new teaching techniques.
  • Our staff are professional, enthusiastic and support our values.

W.I.G. 4 : 360o of care, support and challenge for our students and their families.
We are committed to pastoral care, personal, social, moral, health and spiritual education and to removing barriers to students’ learning. We have a strong team of pastoral and inclusion staff whose role it is to ensure that all students and families at Marriotts are supported.

To achieve our W.I.G. we:

  • We work in close partnership with our parents and families, sharing responsibility for students’ success and we know that good communication is vital.
  • We will strive with you and your children, to ensure that we develop students who are happy, secure and confident in their abilities. We value students’ opinions and work hard to give them a real say in the running of their school.
  • We believe in treating students justly and fairly and so we so have clear, high expectations and firm boundaries based on respect, discipline and good manners.
  • We provide high quality advice and guidance so that all students are clear about what they need to do in order to achieve their goals and be prepared for their future. We have strong links to the world of work and Universities.
  • Our inclusion faculty are renowned in Hertfordshire and we have received national recognition for our work around young carers, peer mentors and healthy schools.
  • We have a committed and highly trained Pastoral and Behaviour for Learning team who are here to support your child and their family.
  • Each young person is an individual who has a Form Tutor and a Year Leader to help them set their pace and cross their winning line.

Transforming education:

  • We work in partnership with the Pixl group a National organisation with a proven track record of improving students’ achievement, to ensure that we maximise students’ chances of attaining 8 GCSEs including English and maths.
  • At Marriotts Key Stage 3 is completed in 3 years and designed to develop skills and understanding learners will need for lifelong learning.
  • From Year 10 and 11 onwards learners can access a whole range of different courses including: traditional GCSEs in academic subjects, vocational (BTEC) and applied subjects, in any combination in order to keep learners’ motivation and achievement high. All students study Maths, English Language, English Literature, Science, PE and ICT.
  • We work in partnership with a variety of organisations to ensure our curriculum remains current and gives students the qualifications they need in a shifting national environment.
  • Following year 11 our students join our vibrant sixth form which is part of the Stevenage Sixth Consortium. Where they follow a variety of A Level and BTEC qualifications before going on to university or the world of work.

Keep a passion for sport.

  • Marriotts are committed to sporting excellence and were previously a Sports College. We are very proud of our specialism which is enhanced by excellent facilities especially in football, gymnastics and dance.
  • We use many of the principles of how to achieve sporting excellence across our curriculum. We know that the ability to be focussed, determined, resilient and persistent will improve learners’ life chances.
  • The model of coaching, teamwork and fair play are fundamental to the Marriotts way of working.

Going for gold

  • At Marriotts we believe everyone is a learner and are committed to developing all members of staff.
  • We are proud to have been Investors in People since 1998.
  • We are a partner school with the Universities of Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Middlesex.
  • We are members of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and the Youth Sports Trust.
  • We were awarded the International Schools Award in September 2008 and continue in making international links.
  • We have active links with schools in, Africa, India and Europe.