In Modern Foreign Languages we aim to inspire our students through an innovative and creative curriculum.

The Marriotts MFL department is committed to broadening students’ understanding of the world and developing strong, long-life linguistic skills. As well as exploring new topics, retention of knowledge every lesson is the key aspect of learning a language. Through this we encourage independence and therefore creativity with the target language. We plan carefully to ensure that MFL lessons, which are engaging and allow ALL┬ástudents to achieve their personal best.

The faculty works closely together and prides itself on good GCSE and A Level take up and strong results.

In Year 7 students are taught French, German and Spanish in tutor groups as a carousel, changing language each module.

In Year 8 students are taught one language only in mixed ability classes.

In Year 9 students commence the GCSE course, which lasts for 3 years.

GCSEs are available in French, German and Spanish both as part of the EBACC and as option subjects. At A Level we currently offer French and German but Spanish is available through the local consortium.

The faculty enjoys running trips and extra-curricular activities such as a German Exchange, Languages Day, Film trips, drop-in sessions and a language leaders scheme.

We find our greatest success is the feeling of achievement when students can make themselves understood in a different language, especially when they can go from learning single words to being able to write a whole page in one year.

The MFL staff have travelled extensively and have very good subject and cultural knowledge. We teach very interactively to encourage students to use the new language when communicating.