Following my earlier statement shared with parents and the Comet newspaper, I can confirm that yesterday there was a very small fire at Marriotts school. The fire took place in a toilet cubicle on the top floor in the north end of the school. The fire was extinguished within minutes by the sprinkler system and caused minimal damage to the school building.

The school building was swiftly and safely evacuated following our fire evacuation policy. At no point were students or staff in any danger. The fire service was in attendance and dealt with the situation very promptly. We are very grateful to them for their efforts. The fire service stated that they were very impressed with the way the students and staff handled the evacuation which made their job far easier. As Headteacher, I would like to pass on my congratulations to students and staff and my thanks to parents for their support.

Although fire damage was minimal, the fire activated our sprinkler system which meant that the electrics had to be turned off in the school and so we made the decision to close the building and send students home after gaining parental permission.

The sprinklers that were activated have caused some slight damage to the school building which site staff and the local authority have worked tirelessly to remedy.

As a result of the damage and the subsequent clean up work, the school was unfortunately closed to students today and will be closed to students again tomorrow. Everyone is working very hard to get the school ready to re –open to students. An additional day of school closure to students is necessary to allow for the final drying out and cleaning up of the north wing of the building prior to final health and safety checks. We apologise to students and their families for the inconvenience that this closure causes them and thank them for their patience and understanding.

Staff will be in school tomorrow completing inset training. Lost learning time for students will be caught up by the cancellation of an inset day later this year. In addition Students have access to work tomorrow via ‘Sam Learning’ and ‘ Show my Homework’ and so they can continue to learn independently.

The school and the fire service are conducting a full investigation into the cause of the fire and the outcome will be shared with parents and students. I can assure you that no fireworks were involved in the fire and the incident is totally unrelated to the fact that it was ‘Firework Night’ yesterday.

We look forward to welcoming our students back on Monday as we continue to ‘Aim high, Work hard and Be kind’ together.

Please also note that Students’ belongings that were left in classrooms yesterday are being stored securely in the the dance studio in the Sports Centre.These can be collected from the sports centre during opening hours.

Beth Honnor