Our aim is to provide care, support and guidance to enable all students to achieve their potential and leave us with the qualifications, skills and attitudes that they need to move on to the next stage of their lives.

How will your child be supported?

All students will have daily contact with their form tutor, they are key people that will provide daily support in listening to problems, working to improve literacy and numeracy through daily tutor learning activities and a a member of staff that parents can contact to discuss their child’s progress and concerns. Each Year group is led by a Year Leader that will follow their year group from Year 7 – 11 providing a consistent and vigorous approach to tracking progress and attendance, working to identify and remove barriers to success. The pastoral team is led by an Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for raising standards and achievement at Marriotts.

Year 6 Transition

Transition at Marriotts is led by the Assistant Headteacher for SEND, inclusion and Transition  to ensure consistency with the young people in our Primary Schools. Every Year 6 child will be visited in the summer term and attend the Year 6 transfer day where they will have an opportunity to sample a day in the life of a Marriotts student. We also run additional visits for Year 6 students that may find he move difficult. During the summer holiday we run a summer school for one week for all Year 6 students.

Celebrating Success and Rewards

  • Year 7 trip in the Spring Term, a reward trip to a theme park in the summer term and celebration assemblies each half term. Students are rewarded for good attendance, positive learning behaviours and contribution to the school community and fixtures.