This year’s draft performance tables have now been published.

As you know Progress 8 is a new measure by which the Government judges schools. This measure shows the progress that students have made across 8 subjects compared to similar students nationally.

The National average this year was -0.03 and we are pleased that Marriotts’ score was +0.11. This is fantastic news, especially because this year the government double-weighted progress at the top grades (As and Bs), which meant that selective schools, whose students come in with higher attainment, were net gainers.

Our score puts us well above the Progress 8 score of non-selective local schools in Stevenage and the wider county, and above similar schools in Hertfordshire.

Other highlights in the performance tables include our Post 16 Maths and English retakes, which is second top of all schools in Hertfordshire and our Applied General Level 3 BTEC score of 0.98, which is well above average and puts us third top out of all schools in Hertfordshire.

We are really proud of all our students and our teachers and grateful to our families for their on-going support. As you know one of our Wildly Important Goals is for ‘100% of our students to achieve their personal best’ and it is fantastic that students are making this good progress here.

Beth Honnor