We aim to ensure students develop their knowledge, confidence and practical skills in Physical Education through outstanding teaching and sporting opportunities.

What will your child learn in our subject?

In Key Stage 3 students will learn how to develop and apply practical skills. They will improve tactical decision making and learn how to evaluate and improve their own and others’ performance. They will also develop their physical and mental capacity and know how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Students will achieve this through the delivery of a number of different sporting activities delivered from our varied curriculum and high end sporting facilities.

In Key Stage 4 students study COMPULSORY BTEC Level 2 First Award in Sport.
What is the name of the examining body?

Why should I study this subject?
Studying Physical Education is a fantastic opportunity to engage in ‘Active Learning’ strategies. Through a sound and intellectually demanding vocational experience, all students will have the chance to gain a nationally recognised qualification that can be used when applying for Post 16 education or employment.

What are the main skills you need to succeed in this course?
Leadership – students will be required to plan, deliver and officiate a variety of sporting activities to peers and younger students from both Marriotts and local primary schools.
Maturity – Students will be put into work based scenarios and asked to complete tasks as if they were an employee carrying out a duty.
Empathy – Students will have to take into account the needs of other students and customers when completing coursework, both written and practical.

What areas of study are covered in this course?
Students will learn about the human body and how it responds to exercise, how to organise and lead sporting activities and events, fitness components, training principles and training methods, how to officiate a variety of sports and how to conduct a notational analysis of their own and their peers performance.

How will this course be assessed?
Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise External exam 25%
Unit 2 – Practical Sports Performance Coursework 25%
Unit 4 – Sports Performer in Action Coursework 25%
Unit 6 – Leading Sports Activities Coursework 25%

What are the expectations of me in terms of coursework, homework, out of school attendance at clubs etc.?
Each student will need to complete assessed coursework on a regular basis. Homework will be set in accordance with the whole school policy to build on learning in lessons and to supplement coursework as well as preparation for the externally assessed exam.

What career may this course assist me with in the future?
The BTEC First Award in Sport will provide a sufficiently broad educational base to enable each student to enter and progress in the Sports & Leisure Industry. There is still a growing demand for suitably qualified staff in this area that are flexible enough to cater for a diverse range of customer needs. It is intended that the Sport course will use each student’s skills and enthusiasm in sport to develop an awareness and interest in science technology, which underpins much of the advancements in the Sports & Leisure Industry.

Who should I speak to if I require more information?
Mr Williams

Celebrating Success:

  • Model Sports Leader programme running through the school and local community
  • Participation opportunities in netball, rounders, athletics, football, rugby, cross-country, cricket, trampolining and basketball competition.
  • Whole school inter-form sports competition run through sports week.
  • Reward programme to celebrate and recognise success.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips:

The PE and Sports Faculty offer a diverse range of lunchtime activities from trampolining and gymnastics to basketball and football, details of which can be found overleaf or on the school website. In addition to this we offer competition level sports after school in sports such as netball, rounders, athletics, football, rugby, cross-country, cricket, trampolining and basketball. The PE and Sports Faculty also offer the opportunity of trips to high profile sporting events and venues through our reward programme in addition to trips organised for our leadership programme.

What is special about us?

The PE and Sports Faculty has an excellent reputation of delivering consistently good to outstanding lessons which facilitate an enjoyable and active learning environment. Our key focus is for students to be engaged in their learning and have high expectations to achieve their goals. Our speciality also ensures students’ have a varied extra-curricular programme and leadership enrichment opportunities.

I enjoy my PE lessons because they are inspiring and expectations are set high – Jaydee, Year 8.
In PE I learn and achieve my potential because I learn through being active – Liam, Year 10.