Should the UK leave the EU?

This was the question posed to Marriott’s students, and staff, during a mock ballot on the issue yesterday. Throughout the week the students have enjoyed various debates in assemblies and during their Life Skills lesson and through general conversations in the corridors. The issue was fiercely debated, as it has been across the country.

Assistant Head teacher Lesley Tether stated ‘It was great to see so many in the Marriott’s community exercising their democratic right – a fundamental British value.’

We were also fortunate to have our local MP, Stephen McPartland, visiting the school today and he was also able to cast his vote in our election.

The results of the Marriott’s Election, following a very strong turnout:

Remain: 189 (45%)
Leave: 223 (54%)
Spoiled Papers: 3 (1%)
It was interesting to see how closely these results mirrored the local and national result