At Marriotts we believe very strongly in our Motto: Work Hard, Aim High and Be Kind. We aim to reflect this in lessons and through our extended curriculum.

Therefore a carefully considered PSHEE, Citizenship and pastoral program is essential, as it helps to underpin a schools values and ethos. We also use our Theme Day Program to extend and enrich the curriculum and to foster a sense of enjoyment and fascination in our students and in the world around them. Overall we aim to provide our students with the life skills they will need, both now and in the future. These are our Marriotts Life Skills.

We have many partners to help us deliver our Life Skills curriculum, these include Humanutopia a social enterprise company who create and run inspirational and life-changing courses in schools. Our students have benefitted enormously from this partnership and we look forward to our continued work with them. We also work closely with Connexions to provide our students with essential work related information and advice and look forward to working with the University of Hertfordshire, who have various courses that will be of benefit to our students, such as financial capability.

Marriotts Lifeskills is designed to enable students to reach their full potential through a range of curricular and extra-curricular activities that are intended to support their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development, and their ability to engage effectively as citizens in Modern Britain. Across the programme there is a focus on relevance, experiential learning and the development of creativity.

Marriotts Lifeskills is organised across three strands:

  • Relationship with self
    • Developing self-confidence, self-worth, self-awareness and resilience in all students.
    • Developing employability skills and supporting and challenging career aspirations.
    • Developing principles, values and integrity.
    • Developing physical and mental health and wellbeing.
    • Developing financial capability.
  • Relationship with others
    • Developing positive relationship with peers.
    • Developing effective relationship with adults in a range of roles.
    • Developing empathy for others.
    • Developing respect and tolerance for others, including those of different faiths and cultures.
    • Developing enterprise, communication and team working skills.
  • Relationship with society
    • Developing the skills and knowledge for community engagement and political participation.
    • Developing an understanding of roles and responsibilities in various settings.
    • Developing a grasp of how the economy works and of economic decision making.
    • Developing an understanding and respect for the environment- locally, nationally and internationally.
    • Developing an understanding of issues of justice, equality and inequality locally, nationally and internationally.

    British Values

    Crucially, all students must have an understanding of fundamental British values. These include democracy, law and order and individual liberty, as well as mutual respect and tolerance of others. At Marriotts these values are reinforced regularly in all lessons, including Life Skills lessons, assemblies, Theme Days and in the following ways:

    Democracy and the Law

    We listen to our students and to our parents. We have a very active student body that provides us with regular feedback involving many aspects of the school. We regularly ask for feedback from our parents and have an open door policy to any parent who would like to speak to us. We act upon this advice to make Marriotts the best school we can be, for our students and our parents.

    Our school’s Behaviour Policy is very clear as to our expectations. We reinforce good behaviour through our successful rewards system, consistent reinforcement in lessons and through our pastoral program. For example we recently asked our students in a PSHEE lesson to reflect on their own behaviour. Our students are taught the value of good behaviour; they know that through a good attitude to learning that they will succeed.

    Individual Liberty

    We value each student as an individual and actively encourage our students to make choices knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. We have created a number of leadership roles within the school through our Learning Leaders Program and through our successful collaboration with Humanutopia and their Heroes initiative. Our aim is to raise the confidence, the aspirations and the resilience of our students so they can contribute in positive way to society and to Modern Britain.

    Mutual Respect and Tolerance

    Mutual respect is fundamental to everything we do at Marriotts. Our school ethos and behaviour policy revolves around core values such as respect: We place great value on the relationships we have at Marriotts, both within the student body and between students and their teachers and we expect all students to be tolerant and respectful of diversity, both within the school community and in society as a whole.