At Marriotts we believe very strongly in our Motto: Work Hard, Aim High and Be Kind. We aim to reflect this in lessons and through our extended curriculum.

Marriotts Life Skills (MLS), is an integrated programme covering Citizenship, Financial Literacy,  PHSE, RSE, Careers and Guidance and British Values. In KS4 this also includes RE. As a whole, our aim is to:

  • Prepare and equip our students with the skills knowledge and understanding to be safe and to make good life decisions.
  • To enable our students to be happy, healthy, active and considerate citizens in Modern Britain.
  • As active citizens, we aim to make our students contribute positively to society, respecting and evaluating different viewpoints and taking informed action.
  • Foster an awareness of the Fundamental British Values and an understanding of rights and responsibilities.
  • MLS is mapped against:
    • the Hertfordshire agreed Syllabus 2017-2022 for RE
    • the National Curriculum (Careers, IAG and Citizenship)
    • Gatsby Careers Benchmarks
    • Ofsted criteria for Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social development
    • DOE Guidance: Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education
    • Green Paper on Mental Health

British Values

To develop and demonstrate the skills knowledge and attitudes to participate fully in and contribute fully to life in Modern Britain.

Democracy including:  Political Parties and Parliamentary Systems, free press, role of the constitutional monarch, different electoral systems and local Government.  An active student voice and school council.

Law and Order including: role of the police and judiciary, respect for the law, legal boundaries

Individual Liberty including: rights responsibilities and liberties enjoyed by UK citizens (e.g. equality and equal Opportunities), human rights and International Law.

Mutual Tolerance and Respect including: respecting those with different faiths, beliefs and lifestyles. Ensuring students are aware of threats and dangers of radical views.


Citizenship at Marriotts provides students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare them to play a full and active part in society.

Citizenship will include:

Political and Social Issues including:  Local, national and global issues

Being an active citizen including: volunteering, mentoring, leadership roles, participation

Economic Awareness including: British Values: Budgeting, cost of living, salaries, taxation, pension, investments, bank accounts, credit and debt and insurance.  Also how public money is raised and spent should all be included in financial literacy.

Democracy including: Rule of Law, Individual  Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance

Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) covers the Hertfordshire agreed syllabus 2017-2022 and focuses on the following areas:

Justice and Fairness including: sin, crime and punishment, capital punishment, Amnesty and forgiveness. Can war be just?  Is it possible to rid the world of inequality?

Beliefs and Practices including: Six major world religions, religious festivals, pilgrimages and religious dress.

Sources of Wisdom including: Holy books, scientific research, charter of human life, and philosophers.

Symbols and Actions including: Religious symbols and Christian symbols.

Prayer, Worship and Reflection including: including: Places of worship, religious services, what is worship?

Identity and Belonging including: Influence of religious leaders, who am I (which groups do I belong to), marriage, gender/trans gender

Ultimate Questions including: Is there a God, Is there life after death, how was the world created? When does life begin?

Human responsibilities and values including: The ethics of gambling, how we treat and use animals, pollution and stewardship of the earth, social responsibilities; homelessness, health services, ageing population.  Genetic engineering.


Helps prepare and equip our students with the skills knowledge and understanding to be safe and to make good life decisions. It also explores the importance of well being, and what this entails, as well as examining healthy relationships.

Being safe including: Internet and social media use and safety.  Road safety, drugs, alcohol, drugs and knife gangs.  Child sexual exploitation, radicalisation, support mechanisms e.g. Child Line.  Stranger danger. What do if…….

Positive Mind-set (Wellbeing) including: Resilience, aiming high, being inspirational, self-confidence, leadership.

Health (Wellbeing) including: Staying healthy, personal hygiene, puberty, physical activity, healthy eating, importance of sleep and life style choices.  Sexual Health, coping with loss and bereavement, first aid.

Relationships including: Friendships, family, colleagues and peers.  Commitment and how to recognise unhealthy relationships and how to manage conflict.