Marriotts pays tribute to our fallen heroes

As well as observing the traditional two minute silence yesterday, Marriotts  students honoured the fallen through acts of remembrance. These activities included special assemblies and the creation of their own memorial for the British Legion’s ‘Every Man Remembered’ initiative.

Following very moving remembrance assemblies  where the students saw film footage and  heard poems read by the Head Boy and Senior students, all students and staff selected someone to remember, who had died during the 1914-18 war from the British Legion’s ‘Every Man Remembered’ website.  Their names were written on a lolly stick and planted amid an arrangement of poppies and a special plaque made by the school.

Following the assembly, Harry Welham in Year 7 said “It was very moving. It made me think about anybody that died and how it made their families feel.” Headboy, Stephen Dada said “Today has been an absolute eye opener. In the past years it has never had such an impact on me as it has today. I have seen the importance of the 11th November as have the rest of the school through the hard hitting assemblies that were in place today. This day is truly a remembrance day as it will never be forgotten.”