Instructions on when and how to reset your password to gain access to e-mail during the holiday

  • Access to e-mail will be ceased over the summer break, you will need to take action to remedy
  • After the new servers have been installed you will not be able to access the system on-site or remotely until you have followed these instruction
  • CC4 is being replaced with LARA – instructions to follow

Single sign on – our transition over to RMUnify will reset all passwords for your e-mails, this is expected to be around the 2nd/3rd August and access will be unavailable for an estimated 10 days (6 working days). Further information will be e-mailed to you but make sure you extract the information before you lose access to your e-mail. Your new password will be the log on to the whole IT system which will also gain you access to many of the teaching programmes you currently access including e-mail.

In order to obtain your temporary password, either visit the IT office (if you’re local) or call 01438 726999, Opt 1, Opt 1, Ext 227. If calling, you will be asked to provide the first line of your address and your postcode which will be checked against SIMS, which provides the necessary level of security. Once you’ve obtained your temporary password, please log onto RMUnify – and change your password (which is required to meet the complexity detailed below), which will provide access to your emails via a tile or you can use the Outlook web access email link

  • A password policy is being introduced for both staff/students, which will enforce the following complexity; 8 characters or more, 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number and 1 special character
  • Please do not call or see ICT before 8th August but ideally W/C 13th August if you can wait as the temporary password will not have been generated – lots of requests for passwords will slow down their progress!
  • There will be communications during and before the start of the new term with important information about the new term – messages will be posted on the schools website so during the downtime and if you are unable to gain access to e-mail
    • See ‘staff communications’ in the quick links on the home page (to be added)
  • The RMUnify link will also be in the quick links on the home page
  • To summarise:
    • You will have to reset your password to have access to any ICT
    • CC4 is being replaced with LARA
    • Staff communications will be in the quick links of the website
    • ICT have been and will continue to work incredibly hard to ensure we are up and running within two weeks
    • Additional time allocated to complete the project is only for technical breakdowns in the process and not a ‘comfort buffer’, ICT are fully aware of the importance of a quick transition