Twelve Year 9 students were chosen to take part in the Sky Sports Living for Sports project earlier this term to boost their motivation and to set them up for working to a higher standard in Year 10. We were really excited to see Hannah Beharry (Olympian Boxing Champion) and Tim Pendergast (Paralympic gold medallist in the 800m, Athens 2004). We also have worked closely with Stevenage Amateur Boxing Club with Jock Stanley taking the lead in the delivery of the ASDAN course for the six Aim Higher students. These six students have taken part in an extended course over the last half term.

During the sessions students have been taught different skills e.g. mental agility, social and communication skills and breaking barriers to achieve.

All students have enjoyed the course and we hope to see their skills being used to improve

their motivation for the future. Six of the students in the Aim Higher project will receive a qualification at the end of the programme and we hope to see them develop their skills to become mentors themselves.