GCSE Examination Results 2016 -Best results of all time at Marriotts School.

Students and staff at Marriotts School cannot stop smiling, since hearing today that they have achieved the best GCSE results the school has ever seen.

Headteacher Bethany Honnor stated. “We are all absolutely ecstatic. Today we have achieved an 11% increase on last summer’s results for A-C including English and Maths. In the last 3 years our results have rocketed by over 26%!”

The school obtained 55% A*-C with English and Maths – the first time the school has ever got results over 50%.

Ms Honnor stated “For our students, from their starting points these results show good or better progress across the board. Our progress 8 score at 0.33 (the new government measure) makes it clear that students at Marriotts school make significantly better progress than those nationally.

In English for the third year running we have record results with 82% of students making “expected progress” (National c. 70%), 61% making “better than expected progress” ( National average c.38%) and 74% attaining a grade A-C (a 5% increase on last year, National average 64%). This puts us above national averages for attainment, expected progress and better than expected progress again! ‘Miss Rees, Assistant Headteacher, Head of English said “I couldn’t be more delighted! The students so deserve this!”

In Mathematics there was a 14% increase in A-C grades and more students made expected progress from their starting points than nationally. Maths has been a real focus for Marriotts students with classes every Sunday and the effort has really paid off.

Results across all subject areas continue their strong upward trend.

11 out of 18 GCSE subjects improved A*-C scores by an average of 14%. 15 out of 18 GCSE subjects improved the number of students making expected progress by an average of 20%. In almost all BTEC subjects all students made ‘better than expected’ progress.

In GCSE and equivalent qualifications:

21.6% of grades are A-A
71.6% of grades are A-C
The overall 3+Levels of Progress score is 71.2%
The overall 4+Levels of Progress is 42.1%

Our Year 11 students have absolutely put in the hours this year, making the most of lesson time and attending numerous after school, weekend and holiday classes. They have ‘aimed high and worked hard’ and have succeeded