Thank you tea

On Friday afternoon, Marriotts School celebrated their successful Open Evening by thanking all of their student volunteers with a tea party. Over 300 Marriotts students and members of the Stevenage FC Youth Academy who acted as tour guides and helpers at the busy event were invited by the Headteacher to attend the tea party. Staff served them tea and biscuits and they enjoyed an extended break, as well as receiving achievement points and letters home.

Marriotts Headteacher Beth Honnor said “We are so proud of our students. They ensured that the busy evening ran smoothly. Our students are our best ambassadors. I have received countless emails and phone calls from prospective parents over the last few days, praising the maturity and helpfulness of our student guides, many of whom are in year seven. At Marriotts we are very focused on rewarding students for all the contributions that they make to school life. Well done students we hope you enjoyed your tea!”