This year we have had two trips go out to The Gambia. We are now partnered with a school in a village called Kassa Kunda. This is a Lower Basic School that’s looks after children from the of 5 right up until 13 years old currently. Our project and work this year has now allowed us to re-open a kitchen that was shut for the past 9 years. At first we planned to feed the nursery children however we quickly discovered that most of the children in the school were only getting one meal a day.

We are now currently feeding all 300+ children in the school every day. This meal is either a rice/fish dish or porridge. We employ three cooks at the school for this to be done and all of this is done by donations from the community. To make this a simple equation its costs the price of one costa coffee to feed 10 children a week.

We’ve been working hard to get monthly donations however we really could do with a few more to keep the feeding programme on track. If anyone would like to donate monthly (however big or small) it would really help! We have a doctor that goes into the village every month and is measuring the children’s arms to gain data to prove that are feeding programme is working. The good news is that it has been improving since getting this up and running.

Next year we have thirty community volunteers including four 6th form students going out to Kassa Kunda to build two classrooms and re-open a hospital that had been derelict for nine years (one picture below). We will then employ staff for this vital community building. Of the twelve 6th formers that went this year 6 are returning next year as community volunteers.

The target set for our project for this year is £12,500. We currently have £7,500 left to achieve this. We have lots of fundraising events planned coming up. This money will help with all the building works planned next year. We have also had two wind turbines and solar panels donated to us for next year.

If you would any more information about the project or fancy making a monthly donation following the link below……………