Every single student to reach and exceed their potential and leave us with the qualifications, skills and attitudes that they need to move on to the next stage of their lives.


  • 100% of students achieve their personal best.
  • Every lesson, every day, good or better.
  • High quality professional development for all staff.
  • 360o of care, support and challenge for our students and their families.

 What it means to be a member of staff at Marriotts School

 We realise that as members of a school that is turning itself around on a journey to be outstanding via good staff culture is central to our future success. We therefore have a set of values or philosophies that we commit to as a team. We call these “The Marriotts Way”.

  1. We do whatever it takes.
  2. We are positive and optimistic. We believe ‘these kids can’.
  3. We are focused on students’ progress to open doors for them.
  4. We model what we expect to see from students and each other. We live our values.
  5. We are consistent and we ‘hold the line’. We buy into and own group decisions even if originally we expressed disagreement.
  6. We are solution focused and have a ‘Can do’ attitude.
  7. We are hardworking, disciplined and demonstrate ‘relentless follow through’ knowing that this is what will get our students the results they need. We know that their success is our responsibility.
  8. We have high expectations for progress, for behaviour, for students and for ourselves.
  9. We ‘Sweat the small stuff’ and know that attention to detail along with good habits and routines will secure our success.
  10. We are ‘on our books’. We know that the way they are presented, the quality of work within them and the quality of marking must be outstanding. They are a temperature gauge for the whole school.
  11. We ‘Pick up the Pizza box’. We recognise in a busy school that is turning itself around there are hundreds of odd jobs that will turn up unexpectedly and we will all ‘muck in’ to help each other out.
  12. We want to build a culture of open, honest and productive dialogue with one another. The leaders’ doors are always open to discuss anything and everything, and we are expected to share our thoughts, ideas and concerns. We are team players, we respect all members of staff in both teaching and non-teaching roles and we value each other’s contributions, knowing that we are all responsible for our collective success.