French-Flag-Wallpaper-640x360We welcomed 60 visitors from our French partner school for their 8th annual visit on 15th June 2012. The students were mainly Year 7 age, with some older students who work as school journalists, and four teachers. They left their town at 4.30am and travelled via the Eurotunnel to reach us at 10.30. Their visit was planned and organised by our International Leaders, including our new Year 9 recruits, who did a great job of making the day successful, including:

  • presentations about our School, and the new building, including co-location with Lonsdale School great
  • new DVD ‘A Day in the Life of our School’ by Scott and Glenn
  • explanation of our school uniform : they don’t have to wear one !
  • on Stevenage, including the history of the town and materials supplied by the Museum
  • dance session led by Mr Edwards
  • Centre activities led by Mr Bannister, his team and the Sports Leaders
  • lunch in the Canteen : they love our soggy white bread !
  • Speech by Mr Dougall in French
  • Visit to town centre with information pack prepared by the students

As usual, the day went very quickly, and we were sad to say goodbye … but Mrs Jones is organising the October daytrip for Year 8s so we will continue with our friendship. We hope that our new building and facilities will enable students at Lonsdale School to join in with the link, and video-conference a pancake / crêpe cook-off in November !

Mrs Bullen
International Co-ordinator