Swedish_FlagWe were delighted to welcome a new group of visitors to our town and School. During their 10-day visit to Stevenage they asked to come to Marriotts to see a day in the life of an English school. The International Leaders accompanied them through their day, which was a busy one:

  • Period 1 – English lesson with Miss Brennan about the 2012 Olympics (we couldn’t mention the football after having defeated Sweden 3:2 last week !)
  • Period 2 – introducing ourselves, and learning about life for young people in Sweden
  • Period 3 – Gymnastics, including trampolining
  • Period 4 – learning about the history of Stevenage
  • Lunchtime – playing a game of roundersplaying a new game : rounders !
  • Period 5 – Badge of Honour DVD presented by Miss Kellett, following by a lively discussion about music and culture : everyone loved ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, they found Catherine Tait’s schoolgirl Shakespeare sketch very funny, and we learned that one of their favourite songs is Avicii Silhouette

We learned that in Sweden:

  • school uniform is not worn
  • the school day ends at 2.30
  • full meal is eaten at lunch
  • some students have lessons at home via their VLE in winter due to being snowed-in
  • everybody learns a musical instrument of their choice
  • students learn English from the age of 6, and speak with excellent accents, not American !
  • have two terms per year, and finish school on Christmas Eve
  • Summer holidays start at the end of May

We were pleased to make new friends, and a good time was enjoyed by all. We will stay in contact, and are invited to visit !