Year 7 Trip to War Horse Theatre

On Wednesday the 28th of January, 31 Year 7 students went all the way to London to watch the stage performance War Horse at the New London Theatre with Miss Stewart and Miss Christodoulou. All of us were on the coach from 5pm until till 7pm and we arrived at the theatre, all of us were excited.
When we walked in, we all starting picking up leaflets and buying brochures. We walked up all the stairs into a big open space where Miss Stewart gave us all our tickets and we sorted out what groups we were in. A theatre member of staff showed us our way to where we were sitting. The puppets were amazing! I have never seen anything like it before. The play was funny, emotional and action-packed. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.
Miss Stewart organised the trip so that we could experience a live theatre production and appreciate the arts. Also so that we could understand World War I and how horses were used during the War. We learnt learn life skills whilst visiting London, such as how to deal with the public and we represented Marriotts School and ourselves well.
We watched the performance and when we came out, we went to the gift shop and brought badges and many other things. We all we had the time of our lives and wish we could go again!
By Ryan Stagg-7D.