Marriotts uses WisePay to collect money for school trips online.

WisePay is a secure system, which eliminates the need for students to bring cash into school. Cash in school is discouraged and so we ask if you are unable to use WisePay that cheques are used as an alternative. There are several benefits to using WisePay, such as it creates a record of all your payments in your user account called ‘MyWiseAccount’ and refunds can be made via electronic payment rather than a cheque.

Your user name and password are e-mailed out every time there is a school trip, so you simply need to ensure that you have registered your e-mail address with the school and we will do the rest.

Parents are also able to top up cashless catering using WisePay, this allows you to view what your child is purchasing in the school canteen and café areas as well as viewing the balance available for them to spend.

Support is available via the school Finance Team, via email to or alternatively please call the school number on 01438 726999.

Log in to WisePay HERE