WW1 Visit

Year 9 students travelled to Knebworth House to experience life as a soldier from Stevenage in 1914 to Commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of the Great War. The students were a credit to Marriotts, behaving impeccably, getting hugely involved in the sessions, and analysing real primary sources to find out about real people from Stevenage who gave up their lives to serve in the war. Particular highlights were the strict Sargeant who taught the students how to stand, line up and march, and the other characters they met along the way: a nurse, a chaplain, a soldier in the infantry (and his horse) and a foot solider.

We are so proud of how the Year 9’s conducted themselves and were so pleased to receive an email of thanks,  reiterating the fantastic behaviour of thes students.

We look forward to more learning outside of the classroom and want to congratulate year 9 as a whole for a successful and fantastic trip out.