Vision Statement:

Our vision goes beyond just narrowing this gap and we are determined to ensure that all students, irrelevant of background or prior attainment, have the qualifications and attributes necessary to succeed and reach their full potential. Our mission statement; Aim High, Work Hard, Be Kind, underpins the ethos for all students at Marriott

Overview of Expenditure:
Marriotts received £20,000 of Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Funding in 2015/16.
The school identified the following activities and support which were funded as a result of this Government initiative:
• Catch up numeracy. This included two Maths specific TAs to work with students on their numeracy skills. This included some 1:1, small group and in class support.
• ‘Sound’ training for reading assistance and catch up
• ‘TRUGs’ software and intervention to enhance the small group literacy intervention
• Further resources for literacy interventions, games, books and software
• Resources for numeracy interventions such as ‘Numicon’
• Provision for Sports and Performing arts literacy groups. Promote attitudes to reading through sports and performance.
• Contribution to key staff positions to raise the maths achievement in Key Stage 3 by administering 1:2:1 and or small group sessions in numeracy.
• Improve the reading ages of the catch up student cohort by administering a bespoke programme of reading support

The impact of our expenditure and our 2016/7 plan is attached below.