Welcome to Year 7

Year 7 can be an anxious time for students, being the youngest, finding your way around the school and getting used to lots of new teachers.

With our motto ‘Aim High, Work Hard and Be Kind’, our aim is for you to settle in well at Marriotts and focus on making progress from your Key Stage 2 results whilst making new friends.

Year 7 is exciting because you will be able to experience new subjects like Drama, Music, Food Technology and Graphics; you will be able to join in with new clubs and teams. You can join the School Council or think about working towards becoming a Curriculum Leader in Year 8 which is a good opportunity to take part in. There are trip opportunities in Year 7 starting with a whole year group trip in the autumn term to Cuffley Camp to take part in team building opportunities. Other trips will be offered through different subject areas.

At Marriotts you will have an enjoyable time in Year 7 and will be able to think about developing your school career and opportunities ready for Year 8.

Mrs J Clements

Information, Advice and Guidance Year 7 September 16th 6-8pm