Welcome to Year 9

I would like to introduce myself as Year Leader to Year 9 by firstly saying that this is a vital year for our students as they will be starting their options for GCSE.

All of our students have the opportunity to attend lunchtime and after school clubs and a list will be published on our website shortly for parents to view. We are excited to be running an event that will enable students to sign up for extra- curricular activities, these are key to developing skills such as commitment, timekeeping, socialising, working in a team and dedication.

Our mission statement is ‘Aim high, work hard and be kind’, we hope that our students will achieve this and your support is greatly appreciated with all matters relating to school life. If you have any questions or would like to contact the year 9 team your child’s form tutor is your first point of communication, just click on the email link next to their name.
Thank you for your continued support with Marriotts School and year 9.

Mrs L Moore

Information, Advice and Guidance Year 9 September 18th 6-8pm