KS3 Assessment Timetable 2023

The assessment window will be 4th to 15th December 2023.

Students should ensure that they prepare thoroughly for these assessments, as per the guidance. They will find it useful to create a revision timetable leading up to them, so as to ensure that they dedicate enough time to each subject (as a note, students should spend a greater proportion of time on Maths, English and Science than other subjects, but all should be prepared for). 


No special equipment is needed, please ensure that students have the correct equipment every day as they should for school including: a Black Pen (plus a spare), Pencil, Ruler, Eraser and a Calculator (For Science and Maths). If your child does not have a scientific calculator, a regular calculator will do, or you can purchase one via School Gateway.  Please consult your child’s maths teacher before purchasing from somewhere other than Gateway.  Students in Year 9 will also need a maths set (compass and protractor) to complete constructions.   

KS3 Combined Schedule

Downloadable version is found at the bottom of this page.

Highlighted Assessments takeplace in the school hall and students will line up onthe runnign track for these (unless the weather is extremely horrible).  All other assessments are in normal classrooms at normal timetabled lesson time.

Key:   w, x or wx are forms ABCD.   y, z or yz are forms EFGH

E.g - 7y - Spanish Speaking on Monday 4th December will be all students in Forms EFGH who have spanish during that period.


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