Policies and Handbook

Please see the Sixth Form student handbook below.

Sixth Form Dress Code

Male students should wear smart trousers, collared shirts (including polo shirts), jumpers, cardigans (must be worn with a collared shirt underneath), leather shoes.

Female students should wear smart trousers, skirts (knee length minimum), dresses, blouses, jumpers, cardigans, leather shoes.

The following items of clothing are considered inappropriate:

  • Clothing of a revealing nature e.g. low cut sun tops, very short skirts, tops that show midriff, ripped clothing
  • Track suit bottoms, joggers, ‘hoodies’
  • Jeans and ‘jeggings’
  • Hot pants, excessively short shorts, shorts and leggings
  • Replica sports shirts
  • Baseball caps/other hats
  • Sweatshirts
  • Collarless t-shirts
  • Trainers, pumps, plimsolls, converse or other similar shoes


Jackets, hoodies or any outside based clothing are not able to be worn around the building.


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