Values and Ethos

Our Ethos and Values

Education changes everything: your horizons, your enjoyment and your economic situation. Everyone has a right to an education that will allow them to succeed and to live a happy and successful life.

We aim to stimulate and challenge our students’ minds in order for them to attain the highest academic achievement; however education is about more than this!

Our student mission is ‘Aim high. Work hard. Be kind’ and this is central to everything we do at Marriotts. We encourage our students to aim high : they should all have a dream and a goal in life. They might wish to become a doctor or a builder, a businessman or a university student, but whatever they wish to become they should aim high: be the best doctor or the best hairdresser.

We train our students to work hard, to know that nothing in life comes without our hard work and we help them to understand that effort now will help ensure their success in the future.

Finally and most importantly we expect all of our students and our staff to be kind: to treat others as they wish to be treated, to be respectful, fair and compassionate. Students should develop a sense of responsibility and pride towards their school and their community.

We are a family, a happy school and we provide an environment where everyone is given the chance to succeed. We have high expectations and do everything we can to help our students become well rounded young people ready to take their place in society. We are proud of all our students and if you take the opportunity to come and visit us we believe you will see why.

Our Vision

Every single student to reach and exceed their potential and leave us with the qualifications, knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need to move on to the next stage of their lives.

Our Student Mission

Aim High, Work Hard, Be Kind

Our Wildly Important Goals(WIGS)

  • 100% of students achieve their personal best.
  • Every lesson, every day, good or better.
  • High quality professional development for all staff.
  • 360* of care, support and challenge for our students and their families.

Our School Improvement Strategy

1 - The Marriotts Way - the way we do things here. Getting the basics right because they matter and doing what we say we will do. Classroom and BFL rules and routines, uniform, and equipment, Approach to Learning (ATL).

2 – Every Minute Matters - maintaining high expectations and making every minute matter for learning through strong routines and pedagogy: Adaptive teaching, questioning strategies, lesson structure and homework.

3 - The Learning Journey – Curriculum and assessment – Sequencing of Knowledge for retention. Constantly building on prior learning, reflecting on what students know and what they need to know, how they learn and developing in them the skills, qualities and knowledge they need to achieve their personal best at every stage of their learning.

4 - Everybody Reads and Writes well - vocabulary and literacy remain the biggest challenge facing our students and developing and driving this is everybody’s job and must be our focus.

Our consistency as a staff body helps everyone. Staff, students and the most disadvantaged