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School Uniform


Marriotts School Blazers, tie and V-neck jumpers and PE Kit, are only available online from the following provider:

Sportswear International https://www.swischoolwear.co.uk/ Please contact the supplier for prices. Weekly deliveries to school are free of charge. Items can be delivered direct to your home at a small charge. Other items of school dress can be purchased from any retail outlet/supermarket.

  • Blazer (with logo) – fitted or loose-fit – Compulsory;
  • School Tie – Compulsory;
  • White Collared Shirt (long or short sleeved) – Compulsory;
  • Grey V-Neck Jumper – Optional (PE jumper is not permitted); and
  • Plain black trousers (not including jeans or leggings); or
  • Black Pleated Skirt at knee length (no stretchy / jersey / slim fit skirts)


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This style of black pleated skirt can be purchased from most high street stores and supermarkets (for example, from £11 for 2 at Asda), as well as through our uniform supplier.

Students must wear appropriate black, flat shoes with an upper that fully encloses the foot including the heel. All leather upper shoes, such as black leather air-force style trainers are acceptable provided they do not have any white or visible logos. Converse and van-style shoes are also not permitted.

Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. No multiple piercings in ears. No other visible body piercing is allowed. Covering piercings with plasters or ‘clear’ studs is not permitted. False nails / extensions are not allowed – students will be given 24 hours to remove these.

Students will also require a wipe-able apron for Food and Technology lessons.

The school reserves the right to decide what constitutes ‘exaggerated’, ‘extreme’ or ‘discrete’.

Second-hand Uniform

As part of the new guidance, schools are encouraged to implement arrangements for second-hand school uniform to be made available for parents to acquire. Second-hand uniform can benefit all parents as well as being a sustainable way to extend the life of uniform items.


  • No jean/denim fabrics or jersey (this includes tracksuit materials or black denim trousers).
  • No ‘hoodies’
  • No coloured or studded belts.

Hair, make up, nails

  • No exaggerated or extreme hair styles or colour including patterns or parts of the head being closely shaven. No shaven or cuts in eyebrows.
  • No hair colour other than natural colours that blend in.
  • Adornments - discrete hair bands only.
  • No visible make up is allowed - students will be asked to remove any that is obviously visible.
  • Nail varnish or false nails/extensions are not allowed, students will be asked to remove them.


  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum.
  • If you have pierced ears: one gold/silver small sleeper ring or one plain small stud in each ear.
  • No multiple piercings or stretcher piercings.
  • No other visible body piercing (including nose piercing) is allowed. Covering piercing with plasters or ‘clear’ studs is not acceptable

PE Kit

The following will require the Marriotts School logo and can be ordered specifically from the school’s uniform supplier Sportswear International  https://www.swischoolwear.co.uk/

  • Black polo shirt
  • Black sweatshirt 
  • Black shorts

Other compulsory items:

  • Black football socks (can also be ordered from Sportswear International  https://www.swischoolwear.co.uk)
  • Sports Trainers
  • Football boots - Moulded studs preferably.
  • Gum shield.
  • Shin Pads.

Additional Items Optional:

  • Black sports leggings.
  • Black tracksuit bottoms


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